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myeurop participates in the promotion of freedom of expression and the diversity of opinions in Europe, through an open use of the Internet.

Our site aims to publish articles on the news in Europe and develop an online community on the news at European level by giving each of its visitors the opportunity to publish information, videos, photos , sound clips, recommend sites or web pages.

Subject to agreeing to comply with these Terms of Use (GCU), it being specified that myeurop reserves the right to update or modify them. Any participation in the life of myeurop postulates the acceptance of these Terms.

You can at any time consult the most recent version of these Terms of Use at the following address: https://fr.myeurop.info/conditions-generales-d-utilisation. In case of modifications of the Terms, the modified version will be automatically applicable eight (8) days after its publication.

Each of the expressions mentioned below will have the following meanings in these Terms and Conditions: “User” and / or “You” means the individual who has subscribed or used the Service, and thus accepts these Terms.

  • “Site” means the website accessible primarily to http://myeurop.info/ and may subsequently be made accessible by any other address and in any other format.
  • “Contribution (s)” means all elements (images, sounds, texts, graphics, videos, etc.) made, digitized and provided by You for publication on the Site.
  • “Comment (s)” means a comment posted on the Site by a User in response to a Content, including a Contribution.
  • “Service (s)” means all the features and tools enabling each User to post, share and reference his Contributions and to comment on them by accessing the section of the Site entitled “The Street is yours “.


The purpose of these Terms is to define the conditions under which You may benefit from the Service and use the Site. Any subscription to the Service, as well as the use of the Service, are subject to compliance with these Terms. By subscribing and / or using the Service only, the User acknowledges having read these Terms of Use and declares to accept them without restriction or reservation.


Any natural person can register and contribute to myeurop, subject to being 13 years old or older. If you are a minor between the ages of 13 and 18, you acknowledge and declare that you have permission from your legal representative (parents or other persons with parental authority) to use the Service. Therefore the legal representative (i) agrees to be a guarantor of compliance with all the provisions of these Terms of Use and (ii) acknowledges that it is incumbent upon him, especially with regard to the accessibility of the Service open to all, to remain vigilant and take all necessary measures to monitor the use made by the minor person for whom he / she is responsible and to provide appropriate advice when using our Service. We recommend that all parents and / or guardians read the following child protection guidelines on the Internet: http://www.pointdecontact.net/protectiondelenfance.html.
In order to be registered, Users must provide accurate and up-to-date personal information and information. Your personal account will be accessible by a personal identifier and a confidential password which you will have to choose and which you have the ability to modify alone and at any time. Accordingly, You agree not to use a pseudonym or email address that could infringe the rights of third parties (including use of the surname, pseudonym, trademark of others, or works protected by law and / or a neighboring right) for whatever reason and on whatever basis. In general, our Site reserves the right to refuse a registration to the Service if it detects or if it is notified to him in any way whatsoever and whatever the field concerned in the registration form, a manifest infringement to rights of third parties in this respect or inaccurate information.


The User acknowledges having the skills and means necessary to access the Site and use it. You acknowledge that you have verified that the computer configuration used does not contain any computer virus or harmful program and that it is in perfect working order. It is the responsibility of each User to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and software from the contamination of any harmful viruses or programs. myeurop can not be held responsible for errors, lack of availability of information and the presence of computer viruses on the Site. The functions incorporated into the Site or its data are not guaranteed against interruption or malfunctions. The User will assume the costs in case of use of services, repairs or corrections caused by the use of the Site.

The User benefits from access to the Service free of charge, except for the Premium space, although it is specified that all Internet connection and communication costs necessary to access and use the Service remain the responsibility of the Customer. ‘User, as well as all costs related to the realization of his Contribution.


When you post your Comments, you expressly acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

1 / You are the owner or the owner of the necessary rights and / or authorizations concerning the copyrights or other intellectual and / or industrial property rights possibly attached to Your Commentary as well as any audiovisual, musical, or other works of art. art that You eventually incorporated into Your Comment. You authorize myeurop to use the Comment and to include it in the Service according to the terms set out in these Terms of Use.

2 / You benefit from the prior written authorization of each natural person identifiable in Your Comment to use their name and / or their image and / or their voice in particular, for the purpose of their distribution on the Service, for use in accordance with the terms set out in these Terms. You generally have any authorization of any kind under the Comment.

3 / You must not transmit any Comment containing any unlawful elements, namely and in particular racist, anti-Semitic, abusive, abusive, harassing, defamatory and, in general, You undertake to respect public order and the rights of third parties.

You are solely responsible for the posting of the Comments, myeurop ensuring no moderation or prior control of any kind, provided you strictly comply with the provisions of these Terms.

myeurop reserves the right to remove any comments that may contravene the law, as well as any comments off-topic, repeated several times, promotional or rude. myeurop also reserves the right to remove any comments containing invective and aggressive remarks directed at people, including other commentators.

The purpose of the comments is to create enriching exchanges from published articles.

The authors of myeurop consider that their work does not stop with the publication of their articles and participate, as far as they are available, in the discussions which prolong them. They themselves moderate comments, sometimes with the help of moderators from the community. They also select the comments that seem most relevant to them, which are highlighted under the articles.

To ensure quality debates, respect for the participants. Give everyone the right to disagree with you. Support your answers with facts and arguments, not invectives.

Conditions to be able to comment: to be registered on the site or to comment without being registered without leaving his e-mail address. By registering, you can also vote for articles and comments. If you give several notes, only the last will be taken into account. It is not permissible to choose as the username the name of another natural or legal person (company, institution, etc.). “Disposable” email addresses (Yopmail type, Briefmail) are not allowed.
Vote according to relevance and not your degree of membership. The purpose of voting on the comments is to answer the question: “does he bring something to the discussion?” And no, “do I agree?”
Report the slippage: The moderation is carried out a posteriori, registered users on myeurop are invited to report them through the link “report illegal content”.

The same person must not use multiple accounts. It is therefore not allowed to comment under several different identities or to rate articles or comments several times using different accounts. We reserve the right to delete these accounts in case of abuse, without notice.


You can publish a Contribution on the Site by submitting to your Editorial Board your Contribution on any news topic by email to the following email address: contactm@myeurop.info

Any content submitted by you will be subject to validation or prior review by us for the purpose of verifying that this Contribution complies with these Terms of Use, the editorial policy and the site’s ethical charter.
You declare to accept, in particular with regard to the volume of the requests, that myeurop can not, in any case, engage on a period of examination and validation of the proposed contents, nor on the sending of a nominative information justifying the rejection of your content.

If myeurop decides not to publish the Contribution, it does not have the obligation to warn the author of the Contribution, nor the obligation to justify or motivate his decision. In the event of refusal of publication, the Contribution will be purely and simply destroyed, which the User accepts, which will have to take all precaution for having preserved also its project of Contribution.


It is understood that you send us your contribution and / or commentary free of charge and that its posting is therefore not entitled to any remuneration, which you expressly agree.

The Contribution and / or Comment that You submit remains your sole and entire property. Without prejudice to the foregoing and so that your Contribution and / or Comment can be put on line on the Site, you grant to myeurop the necessary authorizations allowing the following exploitations:

– The reproduction of your Contribution and / or Commentary in whole or in part, its integration and its communication to the public on the Site, accompanied or not by other texts and / or contents, as well as its communication to the public by all vectors or support of known communication unknown to date.
– Adaptation rights, for the purposes of exercising the rights referred to above.
This assignment is issued free of charge, for the whole world and for the duration of the legal protection from the date of posting of the content on the site.
– Contributions and / or Comments may be disseminated by Myeurop, on any page of the Site.

It is stated that if myeurop has the slightest doubt that you do not necessarily have all the necessary authorizations for the publication of your Contribution and / or Comment, myeurop may ask you all justifications and suspend this Contribution and / or Comment in waiting for your answer. Similarly, myeurop may delete from the Site, at its convenience and at any time, any content to ensure the proper functioning of the Site and compliance with these Terms.
myeurop may reference all or part of Your Contribution and / or Comment to facilitate the management of the storage and access to it. Moreover, given the interactive nature of the Internet, you are informed that your Contribution and / or Commentary may be presented in different contexts, associated with other works, be subject to partial exploitation, and You declare to accept it.

You are however informed that the storage of Contributions and / or Comments implies the compression and the automatic encoding of all or part of the elements of Your Contribution and / or Comment, of some of your contents (notably videos) and that these operations can sometimes intrinsically generate possible degradation of quality. Consequently, you accept and assume full responsibility, especially towards all third parties. myeurop reserves the right and the right to republish Your Contribution and / or Comment on any other service or support operated by myeurop, whether printed or digital. It is understood that this new publication does not give right to any remuneration, which You expressly accept.


The Site is protected by current legislation on intellectual property rights and applicable international conventions. The myeurop brand and the other myeurop logos and trademarks are registered trademarks. Any unauthorized reproduction is liable to prosecution for infringement.
If the User wishes to display on a site the myeurop logo, or integrate the content of myeurop in the navigation of his site, in particular by way of frames, or if access to the pages containing the link to the Site of myeurop is not free, it must asks permission of myeurop by writing to: contactm@myeurop.info.

The content of the Site, including news, quotes, data and other information, is intended for the personal information of the User. By connecting to the Site, the User accesses content protected by law, including the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property. He may download and print extracts from the contents of this website for his personal use and for non-commercial purposes only. It enjoys only a private, non-collective and non-exclusive right to use the content of the Site. With this reservation, it is not authorized to reproduce, publish, sell, distribute or commercially exploit the content of the site without the prior written consent of its management.

As publisher of the Site, myeurop is responsible for the content it has posted online and contributions posted online.
Regarding the Comments, the Site providing the possibility for any User to submit comments on the content posted online, myeurop has the ability to moderate a posteriori the objectionable comments not respecting the rules of good behavior appearing in these Terms . Any sustenance of objectionable Comments should be brought to the attention of myeurop according to the procedure described in article 6 of the Law n ° 2004 – 575 of June 21st, 2004 for the Confidence in the Digital Economy. In respect of the publication of these comments, myeurop assumes no prior control, adopts under the comments the status of technical intermediary defined by the aforementioned Law.
myeurop may interrupt all or part of the access to the Services, in particular for reasons of maintenance and upgrade. Access may also be interrupted for other reasons, including technical or legal. myeurop is in no way responsible for these interruptions and the consequences that may result for users or third parties. In this respect, myeurop can not be held responsible for the loss of data or content.
You acknowledge that you accept the constraints and limitations of the Internet, especially in terms of data transmission of information via networks and data breach. Accordingly, myeurop can not be held responsible for technical problems independent of its service such as communication problems due to the Internet provider of the user (slow or interruption). myeurop does not take any commitment concerning the performances and the modifications of the services which can intervene because of the quality of the Internet network and / or the technical configurations.
myeurop and its partners disclaim all warranties, express or implied, in particular as to the quality and compatibility of the services to the specific uses you make of it, myeurop will nevertheless make every effort to keep the services in an operational state. myeurop offers no guarantee of non-intrusion.
In the event that myeurop’s liability is incurred, the compensation will only apply to direct, personal and certain damages, to the exclusion, without this list being exhaustive, of any damages and / or indirect damages and / or immaterial, such as financial, commercial, loss of data.


The User guarantees to hold or to have any authorizations required by intellectual property rights (such as in particular copyrights, related rights, trademark rights) and generally of all rights (such as, for example, personality rights) personal account and Contributions permitting all holdings on any electronic communication network, including the Internet worldwide. Under no circumstances can these systems and equipment be used to provide files that do not respect intellectual property rights.
The User is solely responsible for the use he makes of the Service and can not hold myeurop responsible for any claim and / or procedure against him.


If any part of the TOU should be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the term or terms in question would be declared non-existent and the remaining terms would retain their full force and scope and continue to be applicable. The term or terms declared non-existent would be replaced by one or more terms that are closest to the content of the canceled clause.


These Terms of Use are subject to French law. Any disagreement or dispute that could not find a transactional outcome will be brought before the competent courts of Paris.

MyEurop is open to external contributions, which can be sent to contactm[@]myeurop.info. These articles will not be endorsed by MyEurop and are the sole responsibility of their authors.