About us

MyEurop is a France-based, pan-European news platform. Founded in 2010, MyEurop’s goal is simple: provide readers with a straightforward, convenient way to read and engage with breaking news from every corner of Europe. From Ireland to Istanbul, MyEurop believes that a well-informed European public should be aware of all of the major goings-on within our European village.



Daniel Vigneron, Editorial director

Daniel, a seasoned journalist who specializes in economic affairs, spent 14 years at the head of economic daily La Tribune’s international service. Daniel founded MyEurop in 2010 as a platform to see – and compare – news stories from across Europe. His work has appeared in major publications including Slate, and he is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Follow him on Twitter @DVigneron.

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Dave Uwakwe, Managing editor

Dave is an Irish-born and London-based copywriter and editor with degrees from Kingston University in London and University College Dublin. As managing editor for MyEurop, Dave keeps his finger on the pulse of news from every corner of the continent. Follow him on Twitter @DaveUwakwe.

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Angela Dimas, Staff writer

Angela is a Greek-American media aficionado who draws on her experience working with both European and American news outlets (and her degrees in communications and political science) in her work as a staff writer for MyEurop. After starting her career in digital marketing for a major multinational company, Angela decided it was time to put her skills to journalistic use. Angela began working on MyEurop’s English site shortly after moving to Paris in 2017. She particularly enjoys working on political stories concerning the younger European member states.

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Lucas Meijer, Community manager

Lucas, originally from Rotterdam but now based in Amsterdam, is a self-identified geek with an IT background who also has a keen interest in digital mobilisation and the power of social media as a democratising force (yes, even in the Trump era). Lucas was first drawn to the MyEurop project by his passion for European affairs, and he continues to believe that technology can help his generation of Europeans build a stronger, kinder EU.

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