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European Commission to advance aid for drought-stricken agricultural sector

Tuesday, 30 July, 2019 - 18:07

The European Commission has proposed making more aid available to support the agricultural sector to mitigate the consequences of the drought in Europe.

Specifically, European farmers may request up to 70% of their direct aid in advance and 85% of aid linked to rural development. The aid will be available from mid-October, the European Community said in a statement.

Commissioner for Agriculture, Phil Hogan,  said: “These prolonged climate conditions are worrying for our farmers. The Commission remains in close contact with the Member States and is evaluating the situation on the ground. As always, we stand ready to assist farmers affected by drought. That is why we have decided to implement higher advance payments and derogations from certain greening rules to make it easier to produce animal feed. »

In addition to authorising an advance in aid, the Commission has also proposed the repeal of “some greening rules to facilitate the production of food for animals,” said the commissioner.

The derogations refer to the requirements of diversifying crops and the rules that fallow lands must meet to be considered areas of ecological interest, although the Commission does not rule out other derogations eventually to give more flexibility in forage production.

“The Commission keeps in close contact with the member states and assesses the situation on the ground” in order to have updated data on the impact of the drought for the sector, Hogan concluded.



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