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EU agrees to quota of hormone-free beef imports from US

Friday, 14 June, 2019 - 16:26

The European Union and the United States reached an agreement on imports of hormone-free beef, the European Commission reported Friday.

Under the deal, a quota of 35,000 tons of hormone-free beef has been allocated to the United States over seven years, provided it has not been treated with hormones and meets the standards Community. 

By taking this step, we are also contributing to ease tensions across the Atlantic, in line with the agreement reached by President Juncker in July,” Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan said in a statement, adding that he wanted “to reassure European producers that the already existing beef quota… will remain at exactly the same level” and “to reassure consumers that the said quota will continue to cover only products complying with Europe’s high food safety and health standards…”

The EU and the United States have had a long running dispute over the European veto of cattle treated with growth hormones, which was resolved in 2009 with a provisional pact that was revised in 2014.

This provisional solution granted a quota for the import into the European Union of up to 45,000 tonnes per year of beef without growth hormones, from different countries that included the USA.

Today’s announcement follows from the July 25, 2018 agreement between US President Donald Trump and the European Commission, Jean- Claude Juncker to open a new phase in the commercial relations between the two economies, which had become complicated by Washington’s imposition tariffs on European steel and aluminum which were met with retaliatory measures by Brussels.

In addition to imposing tariffs of 25 percent on imports of steel from the EU and 10 percent on aluminum, the United States threatened to impose a 20 percent tax on European cars.

The Commission will now submit to the Council legislative proposals authorizing the signing of this agreement with the United States in the coming months.



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