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UK agriculture minister resigns over possible Brexit postponement

Thursday, 28 February, 2019 - 21:10

Following Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to give British MPs the opportunity to postpone the Brexit date, George Eustice, Britain’s secretary of state for agriculture, announced his departure from the government.

In his letter of resignation, released on Thursday the Secretary of State, a supporter of Brexit, said he feared that Theresa May’s decision would “lead to a series of events culminating in the European Union dictating terms of any extension that would be requested, and the final humiliation of our country. We can not negotiate a successful Brexit if we are not ready to do it really.”

Theresa May has repeatedly said that she has no intention of postponing the date of the divorce with the EU, scheduled for March 29, but she had to change her strategy after several members of the government warned they would not accept an exit without an agreement.

This new approach was condemned by Brexit supporters in the Conservative Party, including twenty MPs who voted against its plan on Wednesday night.

Dozens of deputies abstained, but the new strategy was approved by a very large majority of 502 votes for, 20 against.

According to this plan, the British Prime Minister will again submit the divorce agreement to a vote in the Parliament by March 12th at the latest. The agreement was massively rejected mid-January. If the MEPs reject it again, she will ask them on March 13 if they want to leave the EU without an agreement. If they refuse, she will submit on March 14 a proposal for a “limited” delay on triggering Brexit.


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