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European Parliament condemns rise in threats to fundamental rights in EU

Thursday, 17 January, 2019 - 16:13

The European Parliament has denounced the existence of threats to fundamental rights within the European Union and criticised the lack of protection for community values.

The Parliament approved, with 390 votes in favor, 153 against and 63 abstentions, a non-binding resolution in which it also expresses its concern for the rise of the extreme right and the normalisation of hate speech, as well as violations of the human rights of migrants and asylum seekers in some Member States.

The resolution laments the “lack of effectiveness of the Union in putting an end to serious and persistent violations of European values,” and urges the EU institutions to evaluate in a “regular, impartial and objective manner” the respect for the rule of law in all the Member States.

It also called for a clear condemnation of restrictions on freedom of expression and violations of the fundamental rights of asylum seekers and immigrants. The text also condemns all forms of violence against women and urges those Member States that have not yet done so to ratify the Istanbul Convention “without delay”.

The resolution supports mobilisations against setbacks in women’s sexual and reproductive rights, as well as extensive media coverage of sexual harassment cases. MEPs criticised the drift in some EU countries that is affecting the separation of powers and judicial independence. At the same time, the European Parliament denounced the growing limitations of freedom of expression and assembly in the EU and expressed its concern about the threats, pressures and risks that European journalists face.

The Parliament warned against the trivialization of incitement to hatred and hate speech, and condemned the rise of extreme right groups within the Union. It also stressed the need to combat anti-Semitism and Islamophobia , as well as the discrimination and stigmatisation of LGTBQI people in the EU.

The Parliament also denounced the lack of progress regarding the integration and respect of the fundamental rights of the Roma people. In this context, the plenary urged the Council of the EU (in which the member countries are represented) to unblock the reform of the Dublin asylum regulation, and encouraged the national authorities to facilitate the granting of humanitarian visas to those who look for international protection.


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