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Theresa May implores MPs to think again before rejecting hard-fought Brexit deal

Monday, 14 January, 2019 - 18:43

Theresa May has called on MPs to think hard about think again before rejecting the Brexit deal she brokered with the EU when it comes to a vote in Parliament tomorrow.

The British Prime Minister has said the date of Brexit, scheduled for March 29, should not be postponed, without excluding it completely. “This remains my government’s commitment, to leave the European Union on March 29 , [but] some intend to find a way to prevent it.”

“No, it’s not perfect. And yes, it is a compromise “ , added Mrs May, who expects the agreement to be rejected by Parliament:

“But in future history books, people will look at the decision of the House tomorrow and ask, “Have we kept our promise regarding the country’s vote to leave the European Union? Have we protected our economy, our security and our Union? Or have we let down the British people? “

“I say we should act for the British people and work towards building a better future for our country by approving this agreement tomorrow,” said the Conservative prime minister.

The House of Commons will vote on Tuesday – starting at 7 pm (UK time) on the agreement, which is widely expected to be rejected. It has been criticised by both Brexiteers, who fear it will result in a vassal status for the UK towards the EU, and by Europhiles, who hope want to remain as close as possible to the EU, if not stop Brexit altogether.

It took 17 months of intense negotiations for the teams of Theresa May and Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator in Brussels, to reach a divorce agreement, resulting in  a 585-page draft international treaty, with three protocols (Ireland, Cyprus and Gibraltar), and multiple annexes.

In the event of a rejection of the agreement by MPs, a scenario that appears more and more likely, the Prime Minister will have to present a “Plan B” within three working days. On Monday, Theresa May said she did not intend to request a postponement of Brexit, nor to resign in case of rejection of the agreement.

Earlier, she had warned that the UK may have to give up leaving the EU if the deal was not adopted by Parliament. In case of rejection of the agreement by the deputies, the most likely outcome would be “a paralysis of Parliament that would lead to an abandonment of Brexit,” she warned.

Referring to the prospect of a no-deal Brexit she warned that this would entail “significant short-term disruptions” and said that the best way to avoid such a risk was to “vote in favor of my agreement” .

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