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Congolese human rights groups denounce Kinshasha’s move to expel EU representative

Saturday, 29 December, 2018 - 16:43

Seven Congolese human rights organisations have denounced the government’s plan to expel the representative of the European Union in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a few hours before the re-scheduled elections is due to take place after being postponed twice.

The seven NGOs “strongly denounce the untimely and unpopular measure taken by the Congolese government asking the European Council to recall Mr. Bart Ouvry”, head of the EU delegation in the DRC, they write in a statement.

“Through this measure, the Congolese government proves once again its tolerance and its support for the impunity of the perpetrators of human rights violations and obstacles to the electoral process.”

The seven NGOs urge the government to “go back on its measure asking the European Council to recall the head of the delegation of the European Union in the DRC, Bart Ouvry”.

Yesterday, Kinshasa urged the EU to recall its representative in the DRC with 48 hours, in retaliation for the continued EU sanctions against 14 Congolese officials, including the former Minister of the Interior Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, who is running for president in tomorrow’s election.┬áThe EU has called the measure “totally unjustified” and “counterproductive”.

Earlier this month Brussels announced that it would extend its sanctions against 14 leading members Congolese President Joseph Kabila government who have been accused of human rights violations and obstruction of the electoral process.


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