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Attack on Iranian dissidents foiled in Denmark

Tuesday, 30 October, 2018 - 22:27

Denmark has thwarted an “attack” on its soil against opponents of the Iranian regime, said Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen on Tuesday. Iran’s ambassador to Copenhagen was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in the afternoon.

“Denmark can not in any way tolerate individuals linked to the Iranian intelligence services fomenting attacks on people,” Samuelsen said at a press conference in Copenhagen.

Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, said on his Twitter account that it is ‘unacceptable that Iran or any other foreign state foments murder on Danish soil” adding that “measures against Iran [ would be] discussed within the European Union”. An Iranian government spokesman quoted by the official Irna news agency refuted the accusations, accusing Iran’s enemies of wanting to harm its relations with Europe.

According to the intelligence services in the Scandinavian country, at least one individual linked to Iranian intelligence, arrested on October 21, planned an attack against three alleged members of the Arab Struggle Movement for the liberation of Ahvaz resident in Denmark. The organisation is suspected by Tehran of having participated in an attack on a military parade that killed 24 people on September 22 in Ahvaz, capital of the Iranian province of Khuzestan in the southwest of the country.

By the end of September, Tehran had accused Denmark, the Netherlands and Britain of “harboring some members of the terrorist group” that Iran accuses of being responsible for the bombing.

The bomb plot in Denmark follows a foiled attack in France against a group of Iranian opponents also allegedly organised by Tehran’s intelligence services. A Belgian couple of Iranian origin were arrested in Brussels in possession of 500 grams of TATP, a very unstable explosive material, and an Iranian diplomat, who was in contact with the couple, was then arrested in Germany


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