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Chemnitz murder suspect released from custody in Germany

Wednesday, 19 September, 2018 - 14:39

One of the two asylum seekers arrested in the eastern German city of Chemnitz the day after the murder of a 35-year-old German man stabbed in the street on the night of the 25th of August, has been released. Daniel H.’s murder provoked major demonstrations by far-right groups and xenophobic attacks against foreigners in the city.

“The arrest warrant for the murder of [Daniel H.] against the Iraqi suspect was lifted today by the Chemnitz District Court on the orders of the public prosecutor’s office,” said the spokesperson of the prosecutor’s office in the city of 240,000 at a press conference on Tuesday.  A 23-year-old Syrian suspect will continue to be remanded in custody in connection with the murder, while another Iraqi citizen, who is also 22 years old and whose whereabouts are currently unknown, is still wanted by police as a suspect in the case.

The spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office confirmed that no trace of the released man’s DNA was found on the knife recovered at the scene of the crime with the blood of the victim. “No witness saw him stabbing,” she said, adding that a second knife had been used but “had not been found so far despite an intensive search.” 

The announcement of his release provoked strong reactions on the extreme right. “What? Sorry ? Protection rather than expulsion for a failed refugee claimant, ALREADY SEVERAL TIMES CONVICTED. Germany has really gone crazy,” Jörg Meuthen, co-chairman of the alternativ für deutschland Party (AfD), commented on Twitter.

The Pro-Chemnitz association, a far-right “citizen movement” founded in 2009 which organised the first demonstrations a few hours after the murder of Daniel H. has called for a new rally to be held on Friday afternoon. It will be the sixth demonstration to take place in the city since the beginning of the case.


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