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Two people injured during knife attack in Amsterdam central train station

Friday, 31 August, 2018 - 19:56

A man with a knife injured two people at Amsterdam Central Station on Friday, before being shot by police.

“Around 12:10 pm (local time), in the west tunnel of Central Station, a man stabbed two people and was immediately shot by police,” a police spokesman said.

The two victims, whose identities are not known, “are very badly injured and were taken to hospital,” he said. Their alleged aggressor “is also injured but his life is not in danger”.

“We do not yet know the motives of the suspect,” he said, and the police “considering all possibilities, including the worst … that of terrorism.”

The area where the attack occurred remains closed, and forensics experts are working on the scene. A special police service also opened a routine investigation into why the police opened fire.

A witness saw a young man “crumple” in his florist’s shop, his hand covered in blood. “Shortly afterwards I heard some shots and I know something has gone badly wrong,’ Richard Snelders told the ANP news agency. A while later he saw another man lying on the ground nearby.”

A little later, he said he saw another man lying on nearby on the floor. “The first thing that comes to your mind is that it’s a terrorist attack. After all, you are in Amsterdam Central Station, he said. There was a big panic. ”

The police, who arrived quickly on the scene, ordered the man to “stay on the ground” after shooting him, according to the witness. “Everything happened so fast. ”

Friday is one of the busiest days in terms of the number of passengers for the Amsterdam train station, which is visited daily, on average, by 250,000 people, according to statistics provided by the Amsterdam website.


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