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Nigel Farage announces his return to campaign for a hard brexit

Sunday, 19 August, 2018 - 22:50

Nigel Farage wants to return to campaign to defend a “real Brexit”. So wrote the former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), in an article for the Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

According to him, the Brexit that the British Prime Minister Theresa May wants to negotiate does not respect “the wishes of the majority of voters” who chose, in 2016, to leave the European Union.

In the article, the MEP said he supports the “Leave Means Leave” campaign launched by property developer Richard Tice and former UK Chamber of Commerce director John Longworth. Mr Farage promised them his “absolute and total” support, and announced to his supporters that he is “back”. He also said that he is ready to participate in public meetings to defend his “real Brexit”.

Prime Minister Theresa May announced in July that her government had “agreed on a common position for the future of our negotiations with the European Union”. While the Prime Minister had, for two years, advocated a “hard Brexit”,  sh has since been moving closer to what her detractors see as a “soft Brexit”. A position that earned May the ire of hardliners, whether they are outside her party, like Nigel Farage, or even within her governing majority.


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