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Italian president proposes formation of technical government to break political impasse

Monday, 7 May, 2018 - 19:20

In an effort to break the political stalemate that has lasted more than two months, Italian President Sergio Mattarella announced Monday, May 7 that he would propose a “politically neutral” government  to lead the country until December.

Since the parliamentary elections of March 4, no agreement on a parliamentary majority between the political parties has been found.

Without further specifying who could take the lead in this government, the president called on the parties to show “responsibility” by supporting this solution, failing which he would convene new elections “in the autumn or in July”.

Speaking to the media after a final day of consultations, Mattarella explained that this government would be responsible for giving Italy a voice in the international arena and passing the 2019 budget ahead of new elections early next year.

The anti-establishment 5-star Movement and the nationalist Northern League, which are now in the majority, repeated their opposition to forming part of a technical government and their willingness to return to the polls in July.

But for Mr Mattarella, to vote again in July without electoral reform might not change the balance of power, while a vote in October would threaten the adoption of the budget and thus the financial stability of the country. In case of a rejection of the neutral government, “this legislature would be the first in the history of the Italian Republic to stop even before starting,” he argued.

The president also said that if a political majority was to emerge in the coming months, the “neutral” government would resign immediately.



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