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Former regional leader of Spain’s governing party admits to corruption

Friday, 26 January, 2018 - 16:21

In an attempt to improve its image after the new allegations of corruption, the governing Popular Party (PP) of Spain was forced on Thursday to apologise to its voters after the confession of a former leader that the party had illegally financed with ‘black money’.

“For us it is a shame, a disgrace, I apologise to the people of good faith who have voted for the PP,” Rafael Hernando, spokesman for the PP in Congress, told public television.

The confession came from the former secretary general of the Valencian PP, Ricardo Costa, who admitted that the party financed  part of its successful 2007 electoral campaign in the region by accepting corporate bribes. from businesses. the spokesman of the party, with his words, has tried to ensure that it was not a common practice among the popular, saying that “they were exceptional cases.”

“Yes it is true that the PP was financed with black money in the events of the 2007 election campaign,” Costa said in front of a Spanish high court on Wednesday, confessing to the illegal financing of a series of electoral campaigns in the Valencia region. 

Costa’s confession mounts pressure on the PP who have been embroiled in several major corruption scandals in recent years. Rajoy’s coalition partners  the centrist Ciudadanos party are threatening to walk away from government unless a PP senator resigns after being named in a separate cash for investments scandal in Madrid. 




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