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Boris Johnson proposes construction of a bridge connecting Britain and France

Friday, 19 January, 2018 - 19:47

The British Foreign Minister has proposed building a 35 km bridge between France and the United Kingdom, to which the French president has replied: “Let’s do it”.

One of Brexit’s most ardent supporters, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made the proposal to Emmanuel Macron during the French president’s first official visit to the UK.

On the sidelines of the 35th Franco-British summit on Thursday at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, the Foreign Office Secretary told the French President that he thought it ridiculous that the two countries were connected by only one railway line.

“Our economic success depends on good infrastructure and connections, and what if the Channel Tunnel was just a first step?”, the UK’s chief diplomat later tweeted.

Boris Johnson is convinced that a privately funded 35 km bridge over the Channel is feasible and would increase tourism and trade after Brexit.

“Technology is constantly evolving and there are much longer bridges elsewhere in the world,” the Foreign Office secretary told his advisers, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The longest bridge in the world, between Danyang and Kunshan in China, is over 160 km long.

Questioned on the subject by Europe 1 Friday morning, the French Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire replied: “Listen why not … All ideas, even those that are sometimes the most far-fetched, must be studied.”

Other headlines to emerge from Macron’s visit to the UK included a promise from France to loan the UK the Bayeux tapestry once restoration works are completed on it and a commitment from the UK to contribute military helicopters to France’s anti-terror campaign in the Sahel region of west Africa. Prime Minister Theresa May also pledged 50 million euros to help shore up border security at French port of Calais.  



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