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Ukip leader’s girlfriend suspended from party for racist Meghan Markle comments

dimanche, 14 janvier, 2018 - 18:58

The leader of the UK Independence Party (Ukip) was in the hot seat on Sunday after racist remarks by his new girlfriend about Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s mixed race fiancée.

Elected in September at the head of the anti-immigration party, Henry Bolton, 54, said on Twitter that his girlfriend Jo Marney had been suspended from the Ukip after the publication by The Mail on Sunday of text messages she sent to a friend.

In the messages, Marney who refers to herself as an actress, model and music journalist complains that Meghan Markle, whose wedding with Harry is scheduled for May 19 in Windsor, will “taint” the royal family” with “her seed”.

“Then there will be a Muslim prime minister and a black king,” she adds. “It’s the UK, not Africa.”

In a statement, Jo Marney apologized for the “shocking language” used, but felt that her remarks had been “deliberately exaggerated” and “taken out of context”.

A former British Army officer, Henry Bolton is the third leader elected to head Ukip since the departure of its high-profile former leader Nigel Farage shortly after the referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union. Ukip successfully campaigned for Brexit, but has since struggled to find a political purpose.

Bolton was already facing calls for resignation after recently making headlines in the British press for his affair with Jo Marney, for whom he left his wife.

Ukip Chairman Paul Oakden, said the party leader now had “hard decisions to make”. He said on the BBC that Ukip’s governing body would meet next weekend with Bolton to discuss the future of party.

Oakden pointed out that in view of the important Brexit negotiations planned for this year with Brussels, Ukip had to support its leader “100 percent” and that it was up to the party to decide whether it was “willing to offer this support” to Henry Bolton.