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The Square, the seed of occupy movement

Monday, 14 May, 2012 - 09:49

The Indignados movement (Spanish equivalent of the Occupy movement) started on May 15th 2011 at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid [Main Square of the capital]. The information website shot a documentary at the protesters’ side. Myeurop met the director Adriano Morán and offers you the possibility to watch the English version of the movie.

During 25 days, from May to June 2011, plenty of people protested against the sociopolitical situation in Spain. In Madrid, they decided to stay at the Puerta del Sol after having a peaceful demonstration on May 15th. The 15M movement or Indignados was born.

In only two weeks, tens of thousands of people joined them to form a group in the center of the Spanish capital. The journalist-director-graphist Adriano Morán and his colleagues working at the Spanish news website filmed from the inside the way the demonstration was built.

A documentary

The 50 hours of recording originating from 25 days of intense work allow to understand what happened and how the movement, doubtlessly fleeting and not reproducible.

“ The square, the seed of 15M movement” is the first documentary produced by a Spanish digital media,, in collaboration with Media Medina. This real piece of journalism made it possible to understand the dismay of a population impelled into a crisis that can’t be ruled. Between violence, protagonists’ confessions, debates and questions, this 84-minute movie now translated in French gives the point of view of all the actors of the Plaza del Sol”.


Documentary about the indignant 15M movement in Spain
Dirección: Adriano Morán
Producción ejecutiva: Lainformacion,com, Javier Reyes
Guión e imagen: David Tesouro / Adriano Morán
Redacción: Laura Albor, Laura Pintos, David Tesouro, Adriano Morán
Ayudantes de redacción: Jose Manuel Rodríguez, Víctor Navarro
Diseño y desarrollo: Alejandro Navarro / Quique Herrero / Antonio Pasagali
Banda Sonora: Javier Álvarez / Dúo Cobra 


The director Adriano Morán comes back to the shooting whereas the French and english version has just been released.

Adriano Morán

First, could you introduce yourself in a few words for thoses who do not know

It is a media only available on the Internet. Today, it is the fifth most visited website of Spain. It is an innovative media betting on a new form of narrative (film, graphic, written) and the use of social networking to increase its popularity. We barely talk about politics and we try to avoid the usual patterns of journalism.

Can you explain how you got the idea of doing an online documentary and how you financed it?

At the beginning, we were shooting small video reportings. On the third or the fourth day, we realized that it had a bigger impact and it was worth a longer and deeper data processing. The funding came from the website but everything was possible thanks to the reduction of cost with the new technology like the HDSLR which was used.

How did you manage to integrate in the Indignados movement?

We did not get involved. We only show in the movie what we saw, trying to maintain a certain distance.

Did you have any particular difficulties to film the debate and the police ?

It was difficult to get the declarations of participants. They were sending us to spokesmen. Above all, at the beginning of the movement, cameras were forbidden in the assembly. Naturally, we could not film then.

How did the public react during the screening? And Noelia, Alvaro, Sara et Raphaël?

There were some tears. I suppose there is some kind of nostalgia.

How did you live personally this period and the following weeks ?

I was tired because we did not rest, not once, whereas we stayed camping out at the Puerta del Sol. Then, we tried to keep our distances with the events, watching what had happened with a pride that is typically Spanish. Amazed with this country which is used to being passive but where such a thing can exist.